IT Health Check

What is an IT health check?

A robust and efficient IT system is likely to be fundamental to the smooth running of your organisation. Depending on the size of your business, a small scale issue such as a printer being on the blink, can be as detrimental as something much bigger like a server going down, for a bigger organisation.

Why do I need one?

Our IT Health Check highlights potential risks so you can take action before they become problems. Our service focuses on key areas such as security, data backup, system performance and licensing to ensure your systems are running properly and are effectively protected.

We supply a detailed report of current systems and policies, as well as a summary of key issues and recommendations. We can also offer assistance with implementing our recommendations.

Key Report Areas:

  • Information Security
  • Network and Wireless Security
  • Backup and Recovery Processes
  • System Performance
  • Usage Policies
  • Access Controls
  • Licensing Compliance

To discuss getting an IT health check scheduled, please contact us.