Dynamics CRM

Do you want to give your marketing, sales and customer service teams the tools to boost sales and service levels without ever leaving Outlook? Wouldn’t it be great if you could strengthen your customer loyalty and empower your sales, marketing and customer service teams to work together to shorten sales cycles and increase revenue?

The ability to seamlessly co-ordinate your marketing, sales and customer services teams, is an integral part of building long lasting relationships with your customers. A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution can help you organise, automate and synchronise your internal processes leading to greater efficiencies within your organisation.

After working with many CRM solutions over the years, we have decided to specialise in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. From first customer contact to after-sales service, Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides web-enabled customer relationship management solutions to automate day-to-day tasks for sales, customer service, field service, call-centre and marketing professionals.
Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows you to:

  • Manage work more easily
  • Automate processes to reduce workload
  • Understand your customers better
  • Improve sales qualification
  • Increase sales success
  • Analyse performance
  • Enhance marketing campaigns
  • Track solution media contacts

We provide a full range of services to ensure successful implementation of CRM solutions, from initial consultation and process mapping, to final deployment and post-implementation support. We can also tailor your CRM to specific requirements by integrating it with other systems or creating bespoke add-ons.

For more information about Dynamics CRM, please contact us.