Installation Issue with Proclarity Desktop 6.3

We recently performed an installation of Proclarity Desktop Professional 6.3 for one of our clients and ran into an installation issue. When installing Proclarity Desktop on a system running Windows Xp Service Pack 3 the installation can get stuck in a loop when attempting to install the prerequisite services.

The install program informs you that in order to proceed with the install you must reboot your system, but when the system is rebooted it asks to be rebooted again, and again, and again. In order to get past this issue it is necessary to install two of the prerequisite services manually, namely Microsoft Pivot table services for SQL 2000 and Microsoft Pivot table services for SQL 2005. The installation programs for these services can be found here, The patch for SQL 2000 is obvious, however the patch for SQL 2005 is contained within the Microsoft SQL server 2005 Analysis Services 9.0 OLE DB provider package. Once these services are installed it is necessary to run the Proclarity 6.3 Windows Installer Package from within the \desktop install\install folder on the Proclarity installation disk. Proclarity Desktop Professional should now install successfully.

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